FEB 1 2018

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Versa Valve Challenge

The Versa Valve Challenge awards one robot in each division a $250 prize.  Complimentary "EZ Valves" are provided to all registered teams upon request. Learn more here.

April 7-8, 2018      Hartford, Connecticut USA

Trinity College International Robot Contest


Please see below for a brief overview of some additional challenges and contests offered during the weekend. Winners receive a $100-$200 cash prize; visit the FAQ section for more information.  Overall robot performance may or may not be relevant to determine the winner.


Robots navigate a model home in search of a fire, represented by a burning candle, and then works to extinguish it.  Watch out for walls, furniture, animals and other obstacles!  Cash prizes are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams in each division.


This contest offers several additional challenges for robot teams to participate in.  The challenges offer educators an additional tool to teach and inspire their students while guiding their robot building efforts.  Prizes are paid in cash to help support robotics programs within the winner's schools.  Robot team members also receive a Certificate of Achievement to further increase their exposure with their peers and within the robotics community.

Robot teams may participate in any or all the challenges at no additional charge.  Visit the FAQ section for more information.